The Cost of Car Insurance for New Drivers Does Not Need to Be High

There is little doubt that the exam for the driver’s license seems like going through hell, but wait until you have to deal with insurance companies; the costs of car insurance for new drivers are usually off the charts. If you stop to seriously think about it, they have every right to charge extra from young drivers. While the exact numbers are different for every country, the fact remains that a significant part of road accidents happens because of young and fresh drivers.

Thus, insurance companies try to minimize that risk by charging higher premiums. However, car insurance for new drivers does not have to bleed your wallet dry until you gain enough experience. Note that you must not drive a car without insurance; the fine and other penalties associated with this are not worth it.

No matter the general policy an insurance company follows, there are some criteria that they are forced to take into account, criteria that contribute to lowering the annual premium you have to pay. First of all, you have the option of installing a black box on the car you drive. The box functions in the same way the devices on planes do, registering your driving habits. Look for a company that has this option; there is also the chance a few other bonuses will be included if you meet certain demands, like avoiding late night driving. It may seem like an intrusion of privacy, but it helps you save money and develop safe driving habits. Those two factors justify a black box’s existence.

Car insurance for new drivers can be found cheaper than normal if you don’t jump directly on a 50,000-dollar plus car, but instead opt for a cheaper car. The premium goes up significantly when an expensive car is involved. Not only road accidents are a threat – theft, vandalism and fire have to be considered as well, and these aspects raise the amount of money you have to fork over.

Also, try to resist the urge to wipe the dust off the tuning kit. Tampering with the engine in the effort to make it fiercer, adding rally lights, etc., etc. – all those operations will prompt the insurance company to tax you harsher.

Furthermore, you can cut down on the costs of car insurance for new drivers by making the policy on your name and adding an experienced family member with a clean record on it; this normally brings the costs down. On top of that, if you mount extra security devices, the approved types, of course, you have a good chance to see a premium reduction, so do consider buying and installing an immobilizer system.

In a nutshell, the methods above are the proven effective ways to reduce the costs new drivers are faced with when insuring their cars for the first time. One last piece of advice: do not let yourself be bounded by one company’s offers. If their deals do not seem sensible enough, look elsewhere for cheap and convenient car insurance for new drivers; it is impossible not to find a suitable offer.