1 Day Car Insurance – Catering to Your Short Term Needs

There are times when you have to lend your car to someone who badly needs it, and to make sure everything will be ok you should sign a 1 day car insurance policy with a respectable insurer. The “1” in there is literal: the insurance will only cover 1 day, the 6th of August, for example, if you so wish it. It may seem a useless thing the insurance companies have come up with, but the truth remains that many people only need wheels for short time spans in the course of an entire year.

There are many situations when one might need to borrow a car: urgently visiting someone in a city close by, getting away from the agitated city life for a day or two, and the list can go on – all of these actions do not warrant fully owing a car, so renting one or asking a friend to borrow you his are much more sensible approaches. And this is where 1 day car insurance comes in handy.

Regardless of whether you drive 200 days per year or just 1, you must have your back covered by an insurer. There isn’t a person alive who can predict when the next accident, act of vandalism or theft will take place, so it is best to be prepared any time of the day. Those things might never happen to you, but why take the chance? Strokes of bad luck have been witnessed before, and people have paid dearly for their audacity. Why be one of them when a few extra dollars can save you a mountain of troubles?

Arranging for a 1 day car insurance is a simple and efficient process. You will likely spend more time looking for an insurer with an offer to your tastes than actually going over the procedures. Well, most established companies have great offers on this topic, all priced within reasonable limits of course. Furthermore, the coverage of this short term policy can be as extensive as the year-long ones. In the case of any of the aforementioned eventualities, you will be properly reimbursed if you are the owner of the car. Likewise, if the borrowed car you drove was damaged or stolen, the compensation will go towards the owner. Depending on some conditions, the insurer may even replace the car in question. Basically, in all regards except time span and costs, 1 day car insurance policies are the same as with regular ones.

Always request a quote before deciding which insurer gets your money. There are many factors that go into calculating the amount of cash you have to pay, and those factors tend to vary for each insurer. Please be aware, however, that the smallest premium is not always the best choice, even if you or your friend will be driving only for a day.

In the end, though, the choice of 1 day car insurance lies with you, but do make sure someone has you covered when the going gets tough.